Monday, December 29, 2008

1957 Topps - A Favorite

There are several reasons why I consider the 1957 Topps set one of my favorites. It is the first team set in my collection. Although I have a couple dozen Bowman and Topps from the early '50's, the 1957 set is the first that I have made a serious effort to finish. It is the first year that I actually recognize the names of players that I saw play or heard about on the radio. I certainly remember the four that are shown above. The standard 3.5" by 2.5" card dimensions started that year. That was certainly a needed innovation. I also like the design of the cards. They are much better than the cartoonish ones that preceded them. They don't have the high tech look of modern cards, but they do have a design that is similar to a modern one.

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  1. I like these older ones also , though I don't have too many. I remember all those guys when I was growing up too !