Thursday, December 25, 2008

Woody or Woodie

The first Indians shortstop that I remember was George Strickland. He just barely kept his BA above the Mendoza line, before there actually was a Mendoza. The next shortstop I remember was one of my all-time favorites: Woody Held. Woody played beside third baseman Bubba Phillips. They were a pair, Woody and Bubba. And then in the outfield we had Rocky and Tito. Even after 50 years, I can still remember those great names. Woody's full name was Woodson George Held. Apparently, Topps didn't know if he went by Woody or Woodie. Notice that in 1961 they spelled it "Woodie" and all the other years "Woody". Woody liked to have his picture taken wearing his batting helmet. He is actually wearing the exact same one for the 1962 and 1963 cards. He usually hit about .250 with 20 homers.

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  1. My grandfather, Woodie Held, died today June 10, 2009. Thank you for all the great comments.